Combine Video Conference with Applications in Various Industries to Meet the Individual Needs of the Industry

1. With the popularization of video conference system applications, user needs continue to increase

With the popularization of video conference system applications, user needs are constantly being refined, not only need to communicate through the network video conferencing system, but also need video-based cooperation and collaboration. Taking into account the user's application characteristics, both at the technical and application level, video conferencing providers are required to provide new solutions to meet the needs of the market.

Combined with the business needs of various industries, video conferencing applications have begun to enter the era of integrated applications, rather than just staying at the single function of providing conference rooms for meetings. In response to the different needs of different industries, video conferencing will not only play the role of a communication tool, but will become a core part of the industry's business processes.

2. The application function requirements of video conference vary widely in different industries

In the past, video conferencing systems had limited functions, but with the development of technology and the enrichment of functions, the industry's choice of them also showed a trend of individualization. "Personalized" development is the future development trend of the video conferencing industry.

The application of video conferencing has surpassed the traditional understanding of "meeting". A formal and powerful video conference solution provider will provide personalized solutions for customers in different industries, different scales, and different needs.

(1) Remote recruitment

Job fairs are often full of venues. Using the network video conference microphone system, HR can easily complete the recruitment work in front of the computer without going out of the office, without having to visit the site in person, so that the recruitment can be easily realized on the Internet. The network video conference system can also enable multiple people to conduct voice and video communication at the same time, so that multiple interviewers can inspect the applicant at the same time and improve the efficiency of the interview.

(2) Online distance education

Carry out distance teaching and realize the sharing of teaching resources. It is necessary to ensure that the instructor fully controls the entire "classroom", and intuitively and conveniently controls the order and progress of the classroom. Only by facilitating efficient and timely interaction between teachers and students can high-quality teaching be ensured. This requires the remote education system to have functions such as remote camera control (auto tracking camera for classroom),  dual video streams, and terminal application to speak, and the management method is simple and user-friendly.

(3) Remote customer consultation

The video conferencing system effectively helps domestic enterprises to achieve face-to-face communication with remote customers, especially foreign users, so as to be truly immersive and enjoy clear, high-quality images and synchronized sound effects.

(4) Public security system

It is used for internal transactional meetings and case analysis, discussion, or deployment and communication of action plans. Therefore, the public security video conference system has very high requirements for security.

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