How to Choose the Suitable Video Conference System?

1. Video conference systems are becoming more widely used

As an important application of interactive video communication, video conferencing systems are gaining more and more applications with the continuous development of communication networks and coding and decoding technologies.

With the continuous development of the software video application market, there is a certain overlap, which makes users face multiple choices when building wireless video conferencing system. Currently, most government agencies, armed police, public institutions, and large enterprises have begun to build dedicated video conferencing networks to improve office efficiency, enhance remote collaboration capabilities, and reduce travel and conference costs. So, how should users choose a suitable video conferencing system?

2. How to choose the right video conference system?

1. To hold large-scale conferences, most dedicated video conference networks need to hold large-scale conferences with a dozen or dozens of venues, often with hundreds of people attending at the same time. This requires that the conference cannot be interrupted due to equipment problems, and the system must have extremely high stability. In addition, venues with dozens or hundreds of people also need a video conference system with high-quality video and audio performance.

2. High security requirements. Many private network users are in sensitive industries, especially the military, armed police, public security, courts, procuratorates, etc. The video conferences need to have absolute security guarantees and no leaks.

3. Video and voice, data and other services jointly transmit voice, data, and video which are the three basic functions of the private communication network. When building a video conference system, it needs to be well integrated with the voice and data network to reduce the impact of different communication services and make full use of network bandwidth resources.

4. Save construction costs as much as possible. The communication private network involves the structure of the entire system at all levels. The control of the huge network construction cost is very important. Try to choose a reasonable solution.

5. It is necessary to choose products with good stability and remote maintenance functions when building a video conference system.

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