How to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity Through a Video Conferencing System?

1. Video conference makes employees' workplaces more diverse

Green IT initiatives and high travel costs have contributed to the rise of video conferencing as a collaboration solution, and many companies are turning to flexible workplaces to reduce operating costs and improve employee welfare. By moving employees to smaller, more cost-effective locations, companies that encourage telecommuting or home work can save significant costs. For this reason, we have seen the definition of working space expand. From crowded collaborative spaces to coffee shops, as long as the work is effectively completed, more places are considered acceptable workplaces.

2. Ways to improve collaboration efficiency by video conference

Although saving travel expenses has become an obvious advantage of video communication, video conferencing software, such as one-touch video conferencing, can also improve collaboration efficiency in the following four ways:

(1) It can be seen that everyone has a positive reaction: conference calls without video supplementation may cause some team members to be distracted. Video conferencing forces them to concentrate because everyone is looking at each other.

(2) Less travel means higher productivity: When employees need to travel to remote areas by plane, coach or train, a lot of time has been spent. Video conferencing allows everyone to stay in place and operate remotely, while ensuring the work-life balance of employees and improving their happiness.

(3) Higher level of training: Video conferencing can provide a higher level of on-the-job training, which means that employees can complete their work better and faster, and have more opportunities to get new opportunities.

(4) Significant advantages compared with competitors: video conferencing can carry out effective communication, which will motivate employees to want to do more work to maintain this advantage. Everyone who needs to participate in decision-making does not need to travel or wait for face-to-face meetings, and the problem is solved faster.

In terms of cost reduction, video conferencing can usually save a lot of travel expenses within a few months. Research has shown that when it comes to long-distance travel, even if employees fly or drive to attend meetings, business travel is very expensive; for everyone who does not have to drive or fly to participate, the company can save a large mount of money.

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