Cleartalk Daisy Chain Speakerphone(ASP-04D-2)

Cleartalk Daisy Chain Speakerphone(ASP-04D-2)

Cleartalk ASP-04D-2 is a 2.4G wireless communication speakerphone configured with two independent work omnidirectional microphones and a wireless adapter. It is suitable for most of UC cloud-based codecs, video conference system, education training system, network monitoring system, remote medical system, network monitoring system, smart city system, conference recording system and etc.

Cleartalk Daisy Chain Speakerphone Feature

  • Double Cascade Speakerphone

    It can pick up voice and play sound at the same time dependently without interfering with each other

  • Personal conference

    Connecting by 3.5mm earphone plug, communication will be more private

  • Audio High-tech

    360-degree mic coverage

    256ms acoustic echo cancellation

    Full duplex

    Dynamic Noise Reduction(DNR)

  • Portable external microphone and speaker

    No driver needed, simply plug and play

    Clear, unmixed and no harsh sound

    Elegant business appearance

Cleartalk Daisy Chain Speakerphone Specification

· Tabletop console contains audio processing functions, USB function, indicator and key function
· double speakerphone
· Built-in lithium battery(7-10h)
· 2.4G wireless USB adapter
· 1.5m USB power line
· USB charging plug
· Digital audio processing
· 256ms echo cancellation
· Dynamic noise reduction
· full duplex
· 360 degrees pick-up range
2.4G USB adapter
· 2.4 G RF and data processing
· folding SMA antenna
· microphone mute key
· loudspeaker mute key
· volume up/down keys
· standby key
Computer system
· Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10/Windows XP, etc.
· 155*148*37mm
· support computer software audio
-Skype, Wechat, QQ, etc.
· microphone mute
· loudspeaker mute
· volume up/down
· indicator
· 2.4G wireless connection
· enable earphone
Indicator LED
· triangle indicator on: working
· left indicator on: speaker mute
· right indicator on: MIC mute
· left indicator flashing: volume adjusting
· right indicator in orange: full charge
· 340g(single speakerphone)
· Black
Network interface
· USB 2.0(compatible with USB 1.1)
· 3.5mm audio interface(out)
· 3 months return or change for free
· 1 years guarantee
· cardioid microphones 20-8000Hz
· 3.94-inch anti-magnetic speaker
Product execution standard
· YD/T 993-1998
· GB/T 9254-2008
· GB 4843.1-2011
· USB supply(DC 5V / 500mA)
· Built-in lithium battery
Recommended conditions
· temperature:5°~44°
·humidity:20~85% condensation-free
· noise level:<48db
· storage temperature:-10°~55°
· Reverberation time:<0.5 seconds

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