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Saber 5X(U3-5FHD6)
Cleartalk (Wireless Charge) (ASP-04)
Saber Plus(U3D-12FHD6)
Cleartalk (Wired) (ASP-05)
Saber IP 20X (IP-20FHD60)
Cleartalk HD(ASP-10)
Saber IP 20X NDI (NDI-20FHD60)
Cleartalk Daisy Chain (2 Units)(ASP-04D-2)
Saber IP 20X (FPGA) (IP-20FHD6-BM)
Cleartalk Daisy Chain (4 Units)(ASP-04D-4)
Saber 4K (Saber-12UFHD36)
Ceiling Mic Pro (ASP-C-01)
Saber 4K NDI (NDI-12UFHD36)
Ceiling Mic HD (ASP-C-02)
Saber AP
Blade VS (U2-10FHD03)
Blade 4K (U3-UFHD36-IP)
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