Video Conferencing Equipment for Large Room

Larger conference rooms require greater demands from hardware and this is where we recommend deploying the Saber range of cameras combined with our Cleartalk Daisy chain wireless speakerphone.  

Our award-winning Sabers are well renowned for providing brilliant class-leading image quality that rival competitors more than 3x the price.  Large screens are no problem for the Saber range which offers either 4K or full HD video and a vast array of output options including USB 3.0, HDMI, SDI, IP and NDI.  The Saber is easily reverse ceiling mounted or wall mount (included)  and of course 10 presets and on the remote unless you are after more than 256 via Visca.

If high-quality class leading imagery, combined with all the high end and ease of use is what you need for your large conference room, then the Saber is the perfect solution for you.

Bundle the Saber with the Cleartalk daisy chain which provides exceptional audio up to a 10m diameter covering a large boardroom table with ease and all without any wires!  Utilising 2 speakerphone units the Cleartalk daisy chain discreetly sits on your boardroom table. The units work in synchrony together and connect to the PC via a USB dongle operating over RF frequency to ensure not to clash with other networking products.

Whether it be a small, medium or large conference room, Angekis has you covered.

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