Video Conferencing Equipment for Medium Room

Whether it be a weekly team meeting or even a classroom, Angekis has covered all bases for the requirement of medium conference room.  

One of the challenges facing medium and large conference environments is the clutter that builds up with cables running across the boardroom table to connect speaker and mics.  With this in mind, Angekis released its range of Cleartalk wireless speakerphones.

The Cleartalk range integrates 3 microphones providing 360 degree pickup up to a 6m circumference combined with dynamic inbuilt speakers all in a tidy little cordless package that discreetly sits on your boardroom table. 

The Cleartalk lithium ion battery is long lasting, providing up to 8 hours of talk time throughout the day. When you need to recharge it, simply pop it onto the wireless charging dock. You don’t even need to connect any cables to charge it!

Combine the Cleartalk with a Blade VS or Blade 4K camera for the perfect medium boardroom setup.  Both Blade models connect via USB 3.0 and provide brilliant image quality whilst giving between a 10 – 15x zoom covering all corners of a medium room.

After connecting simply open any VC chat program such as Zoom or Microsoft teams to connect video. Simple installation combined with class leading features is what makes Angekis the obvious choice.

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