• Education
    Angekis offers completed AV solutions fulfilling the needs of collaborative learning, online teaching and more, as well as the latest video technology for educational environments like the classroom, lecture hall, gymnasium and more.
  • Healthcare
    Angekis enhances wellness and levels of patient care with AV equipment and technology, with such physicians are able to treat their patients via Angekis equipments used in video conferencing.
  • House of Worship
    House of Worship
    Angekis integrates video production and live streaming equipment into sanctuaries, helps houses of worship use video technology to engage congregations, share information and convey messages.
  • Goverment
    Angekis cameras are used for Government applications such as court room as they can benefits from the remote control and optical zoom features. AV solutions help governmental agencies communicate more efficiently.
  • Broadcasting
    Angekis cameras are often used in live streaming and broadcast market. With compatibility to all the industries top control protocols and top broadcast equipment manufactures, Angekis cameras are perfect for live streaming, professional recordings and more.
  • Small/Huddle Room
    Small/Huddle Room
    Angekis can provide conference phone for huddle rooms that seat up to 6 participants, cooperating with software video system such as Skype, Zoom, or voice communication system, making the meeting higer quality and more efficient.
  • Medium Room
    Medium Room
    Angekis can provide conference phone for medium rooms. Angekis make the meeting higer quality.
  • Large Room
    Large Room
    Angekis can provide conference phone for large room. The audio is super clear, making video conferencing feel like a reality.
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