Where is the Future Development of Video Conferencing?

The history of the development of the video conference system is truly breath-taking. So, in the near future, what kind of development will the video conferencing system have? What are the various factors of its development?

1. Fiber to the home:High-definition video conferencing flourishes

With the frequent holding of government affairs and business activities, the demand for full conference equipment has also begun to grow in society. What is restricting the development of the industry is precisely the clarity and fluency of the video conferencing system.

Under the promotion of fiber-to-the-home, many IT companies have launched high-definition video and audio conferencing system, and are stepping up research and development of the "three networks" video conferencing system, hoping to take this opportunity to quickly promote the development of the video conferencing industry.

2. Five innovations make the development of video conferencing into a fast track

The Internet Trends report announced that smart terminals and innovative technology applications are subverting people's living habits. The Internet can accommodate everything within reach at any time, any place, any device and any method as long as you want. This report also aroused thought sparks in people's hearts. Some inspirations will become reality in the near future.

3. Looking forward to the trends and prospects of the development of video conferencing terminals

With the development of science and technology, video conferencing terminals are facing tremendous changes in the market. A few years later, the video conferencing market is dominated by set-top boxes and mobile systems, mainly through ISDN connections. Nowadays, the market is constantly changing, and video networks are also developing rapidly to IP networks. It not only affects the connection method of the conference system, but also makes the video terminal become an IP-based part of the IT equipment.

Web conferencing prompted us to re-examine how the video conferencing terminal should be coordinated with each media video conferencing market, and finally make a difference with various innovative USB 3.0 ptz camera, auto tracking conference camera, large conference room camera and microphones.

4. Analyze the application and trend of video conferencing

Video conferencing is a new type of corporate meeting communication method. Its immersive visual remote communication mode has changed the communication mode of telephone and remote business trips. Through the realistic video effect of the Angekis video conference camera, the company can bring immersive meeting experience to the company and help employees face-to-face communication, thereby saving time, cost and improving work efficiency. It can also improve the operating model, allow the leadership to provide faster decisions, allow the company to win opportunities in the competitive environment, and reduce the number of travels on business. More importantly, it reduces the exhaust emissions of vehicles and creates a "green office" environment.

5. The development trend of video conferencing in the future

The high-end market for video conferencing has high product requirements, difficult projects and long cycles, large customer budgets, and fierce competition. High prices discourage many small businesses. The trend of popularization of video conferencing is becoming more obvious, and the low-end market has brought new demands for video conferencing products, which is undoubtedly a challenge and an opportunity.

The conference will usher in a peak development period in the future. However, where is the development of video conferencing? Let the future verify it.

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