Why Choose Software Video Conferencing?

As video conferencing moves from government central enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, more and more people are beginning to think about the advantages of video conferencing. Why should we choose to use video conferencing?

1. Technically:

Video conferencing with conference camera system can realize real-time transmission of moving images, voice and application data (electronic whiteboard related documents) and other forms of information between two points and multiple points.

2. In terms of the application scope of software video conference:

Online video conferencing can be applied to multiple scenarios such as remote meetings, remote interviews, small-scale online discussions, online courts, and telemedicine, which can provide small office video conferencing solutions.

3. In terms of the sound quality:

Video conferencing has high-quality voice coding technology and clear and stable voice. Anytime, anywhere, without network restrictions, just pick up the phone and join the conference.

4. In terms of video:

Dual-screen meetings to support your share and interact. With focus video, you can watch whoever you want to watch, so you have a clear video, and the communication is barrier-free.

5. In terms of meeting arrangements:

It is more convenient to schedule meetings with mobile phones. No need to find the access number, no need to find the password, just one click to join the conference. In addition, it will intelligently choose the most cost-effective access method. The phone will automatically remind before the meeting to avoid being late.

6. In terms of collaboration:

Whiteboard sharing, a good tool for brainstorming. Share documents and software in various formats on the computer desktop.

7. In terms of meeting control:

Dual-screen meetings, share and interact. During the meeting, whoever arrives and who did not arrive will know within 10 seconds. Raise your hand to speak, ask questions immediately, and the interactive effect is good. Arrangement is smarter, and the invitation is smarter.

After listening to so many advantages, haven't you chosen to join the software video conference? Welcome to consult Angekis.

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