Why is the Video Conference System More and More Popular with Companies with Branches?

For network video conferencing, many people's initial impression is probably very unfamiliar. However, with the continuous development of information technology and the continuous improvement of communication technology, video conferencing has become very important in both enterprise and personal applications. The promotion of video conferencing is not only the country and the government vigorously promoting the holding of video conferencing, but also the increasing reliance on video conferencing by enterprises. Why is video conferencing more and more popular?

1. Quick and efficient communication of video conference

The role of video communication is second only to face-to-face meetings with real people. The research results further show that about two-thirds of communication is actually non-verbal communication, and video conferencing provides face-to-face communication opportunities, even if they are far apart. Secondly, traditional teleconferences create opportunities for people to undertake multiple tasks, but at the same time they also make them lose focus and miss key points in the conversation. Video conferencing can make up for this shortcoming, because the people participating in the meeting can make eye contact, thereby improving concentration!

2. Higher efficiency of video conference

Facts have proved that in addition to achieving effective communication, video conferencing is also more efficient than regular meetings, such as one touch video conferencing. There is no need to print a large amount of meeting materials, which can be seen by everyone through sharing; the host party can control the voice of all participants, so as to prevent individual people from distracting others' attention; of course there are more Humanized functions, such as electronic document sharing, desktop sharing, multimedia on-demand, conference recording, conference roll call, video round robin, etc., all of which are to make conference activities more focused on the theme!

3. More extensive applications of video conference

In addition to conferences, video conferences can also be used for interviews, training, coaching, telemedicine, sales calls, etc. Whether used as a training tool or in contact with important customers, video conferences have increased the participation and attention of both parties, while conference calls or video recordings cannot achieve this kind of participation and attention. 

Moreover, with the advent of the mobile era, video conferencing systems can also be used on mobile terminals such as ipad, ios, and Android, and users can easily join meetings from any location through these mobile devices. In other words, enterprise users can realize more efficient and low-cost enterprise video conferencing system applications, and the maintenance and safety of the system will be handled by professionals, which saves costs and improves the efficiency of conferences!

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