Angekis Blade Review: Next Level Video


Angekis Blade Review: Next Level Video

Many communications companies believe that video may be the future of collaboration. As globalized workforces become more common, businesses are forced to look for ways to keep employees connected and productive wherever they may be. Video allows employees to access all the benefits of face-to-face interactions, without the need for travel or physical office space. 

Angekis, a company driven by a team with expertise in the USB video device market, is well-known for their ability to support and empower the video-powered workforce of the future. Angekis is responsible for helping to pioneer the very first USB PTZ camera. Today, Angekis has a range of cameras that are all plug-and-play enabled and ideally suited to the remote, or BYOD employee of tomorrow. 

The Blade USB camera portfolio is one of the most impressive on the market for those in search of PTZ excellence. Here's what you need to know. 

The Features of the Angekis Blade Portfolio 

Designed to deliver excellent visuals, even in the worst lighting, the Blade USB camera is a stunning high-definition video endpoint intended to offer full HD video at 30FPS. 

The core Blade product comes with everything you need to access higher-level video communication, including an intelligent remote to control panning and zooming, an auto-focus mode for easy operation, and 10 times optical zoom. There's even an updated belt-drive for faster and smoother image control. Features include:

62.5-inch field of view

10x optical zoom 

350-degree pan and -30 to 130-degree tilt


Low noise CMOS sensor

IR remote for far-end camera control

Mountable design 

Automatic camera rotation sensing

Plug and play USB 2.0 setup. 

No additional hardware required 

After the standard Angekis Blade achieved such phenomenal success, Angekis upgraded the model to offer a 4k version, for companies in need of exceptional, high-level picture quality. 

4k video conferencing camera Features

As the name might suggest, the Blade 4K camera is an upgrade of the standard Angekis Blade designed for those who need the highest quality of images. Equipped with 5 times 4K zoom, the camera can deliver exceptional 4K resolution at 30FPS, or full HD at 60 FPS. What's more, the wide-angle field of view helps to ensure that everyone in the room gets to be part of a single stunning image. Other features include:

Ground-breaking 4k optics

5x 4K Zoom or 15x HD Zoom

4K resolution at 30FPS or HD at 60FPS

HTML5 Supported

RF Remote control with 10 presets

Video mute control

Day/night vision switch

IP Live streaming

Both the standard Angekis Blade (VS) and the Angekis Blade 4K come with a 3-year warranty to protect your investment. 

The Benefits of The Angekis Blade 

Both the Blade VS (USB 2.0 video camera) and the 4k conference camera come with a wide selection of amazing features and benefits to explore. First and foremost, they both provide companies with an opportunity to upgrade their day-to-day communications through high-level video conferencing and streaming. Other shared benefits of the two models include:

Pre-set camera positioning: If you're concerned about getting everyone into your conference image, Angekis can help. The Blade camera comes with 10 pre-sets to cover everyone at your table, or in the board room. You can adjust the pre-sets via your unique RF remote4, or through the RS232 control system. 

Plug and play: All Angekis devices, including the Blade usb 2.0 video camera and Blade 4K, are designed for quick and easy use. You can just plug your system into your preferred conference or audio system through USB, and there's no need to download any additional codecs or buy extra hardware. 

Any angle Remote: Angekis knows how crucial it is to be able to adjust the pan, zoom, and tilt of your image during a meeting. Fortunately, their remotes are designed to work from any point in the room with pioneering RF technology. You won't have a problem keeping your conferences running smoothly. 

Better lighting and reduced noise: Whether you're struggling with lousy backlighting or a super-bright space, you can adjust the exposure and image of your video with the Angekis blade remote in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the Ultra Optix advanced imaging technology is excellent at reducing 3D noise and balancing your images. 

Dynamic Start-up: Pre-set the start-up position for your camera so that it will automatically launch in the perfect place for your meetings. 

Target Market & Regional Availability

The Angekis range of high-level plug-and-play conference cameras covers a wide range of pricing and technical requirements for virtually any business. For instance, smaller cameras like the Curtana are ideal for essential huddle room spaces, while the Angekis Blade is perfect for companies who can't afford to compromise on video quality. The Blade is best suitable for large and mid-sized conference rooms and can be purchased through distributors around the world. 

How to Buy & Pricing

Angekis prides itself on offering customers a variety of cameras ideal for any budget. The Blade is one of the high-level devices in the Angekis portfolio, sold through a network of technology distributors. Currently, Angekis is looking for additional distributors to join their community in Western Europe. To learn about becoming a reseller, contact Angekis. To find out pricing options for the Blade, contact an Angekis distributor. 

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

The Angekis Blade is a high-quality camera designed to enhance the meeting room with HD, or even 4K-quality video. Designed to give you the most out of your images, these plug-and-play cameras are a fantastic addition to any conference space. 

Q: Which software is the Angekis Blade compatible with?

A: Adobe Connect, Zoom, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Cyberlink U Meeting, GoToMeeting, Intel Unite TM, Microsoft Skype for Business, and more. 

Q: Is the Angekis Blade mountable?

A: Save space by mounting the Angekis blade with a standard tripod. The smooth, quiet control options may mean that you forget the camera is there! 

Q: Is there a warranty included?

A: The Angekis Blade currently comes with a 3-year warranty at the time of writing. There's also a straight swap available to ensure that your device is replaced quickly with a new unit if a fault happens within 3 months or less. "

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