Angekis Saber 12x Review: Plug and Play Video Conferencing


Angekis Saber 12x Review: Plug and Play Video Conferencing

As the modern workforce becomes more globalized, video teleconference equipments are becoming increasingly popular. Through video teleconference camera, companies can bring dispersed, remote and mobile workers together in an immersive cross-border environment. Face-to-face communication allows for better collaboration and stronger bonds between staff members. Video can even offer an alternative mode of communication for agents and customers, allowing for the visual context in conversations. 

Of course, to make the most out of this new trend, businesses need video teleconference camera that can capture rich, high-quality images. That's why the Saber USB camera from Angekis comes in. Angekis is a video-focused company, known for delivering state-of-the-art cameras for the digital workforce. The Saber is their flagship model, which has won awards over the years, including the ISE best in the show. Here's everything you need to know about the incredible plug-and-play camera. 

The Saber video conferencing endpoint comes in 4 flavors:

Saber 12x optical zoom camera

Saber 4K PTZ camera

Saber Light 5x optical zoom camera

Saber IP20x optical zoom video camera

The Features of the Angekis Saber 12x

The Saber 12x plug and play video conferencing camera is a high-quality USB 3.0 PTZ camera, commended for its crystal-clear image quality and wide range of fantastic features. Designed to offer a new benchmark in the industry for enterprise HD cameras, the Saber simultaneously provides USB 3.0 and HDMI output connections at 60FPS. 

An insight into Saber's commitment to leading the way with conference room USB video, the Saber 12x plug and play video conferencing camera provides flawless image quality with low-light support and an amazing 4K sensor capable of contending with some of the higher-priced models in the market. Features include: 

Accu Pan Tilt: When the camera zooms in, the Pan/Tilt motion automatically slows, so that's easier to fine-tune your image. You can also hold the pan button to increase pan speed when the image is zoomed out. 

Dual IR receivers: Angekis have delivered another level of control for their audience by placing one IR receive on the basis of their camera and another next to the lens so that the IR remote works form a range of angles  (The second IR Receiver is also still on the basis, not next to the lens)

New Belt drive: Twin motors in the camera belt drive ensures adjusting your camera smoother, faster and quieter. 

Sleek and intelligent model that looks amazing in any office or conference room

Low-light ability is perfect for dreary days in the UK. Achieve excellent imagery even at 0.01 lux

Crystal-clear HD camera quality with far-end camera control using USB 3.0 UVC ability

Desktop application control so that you can have complete management over your video and camera settings.

Larger FOV with no distortion at 72.5 degrees

2D and 3D NR support for the ultimate video quality at any lighting point. 

Fully operational remote with impressive power-off function

Reverse mountable 

Compatible with Skype for Business, Avaya, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Cisco, Zoom, Fuze, VSee, Google Hangouts, Vidyo, GoToMeeting

The Benefits of The Angekis Saber 

Created to support the video conferencing and HD image capturing needs of small and mid-sized conference rooms, the Saber is an exceptional piece of camera technology. It's also ideal for classrooms that need a wider angle of view to provide students with a complete overview of an image. For high-end video solutions, there are few options on the market capable of offering the same functionality at such a low price. Benefits include:

Comprehensive camera control: The Angekis Saber provides users with all the authority they need to get the most out of their video conferencing experience. NECC desktop software is included within the system as standard, and there's also FECC available through USB 3.0 codecs too. On top of that, you'll also have access to Visca control. 

Pre-set camera positioning: The IR supplied with the camera will allow the user to adjust the settings on their video from a distance with ease. You can store up to seven different pre-set positions, ideally suited to the needs of your conferencing rooms, and switch your camera focus instantly between multiple staff members. 

Plug and play performance: Video conference camera doesn't have to be difficult with the Saber. The USB 3.0 connectivity means that you can plug your new device easily into any PC or Mac and instantly make the most out of your camera. Simply connect with platforms like Skype, Zoom, and many more to get started. The design is even backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports

3D Noise reduction: Get the best possible image out of every video conferencing experience with the amazing 3D Noise reduction feature included with the Saber. This solution reduces visual noise so that you can get a sharper image even in a low-light environment. 

Target Market & Regional Availability

The Angekis Saber is well-suited to small and medium-sized conference rooms. It's available through distributors in a range of countries around the world, and currently, the company is looking for new people to join their distribution team. Ideal for the educational environment, government, law courts, and even churches in need of a technical upgrade, the Saber can suit almost any situation. 

How to Buy & Pricing

One of the features that sets the Angekis Saber apart is its affordability compared to other high-level video teleconference cameras in its league. Angekis sells the Saber, plus their other fantastic camera technology through a network of distributors, and they're currently searching for more people to join their team throughout western Europe and the rest of the world. To find out more about becoming an Angekis reseller, contact the company. To learn about pricing for your Saber device, contact a distributor in your local area. 

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

The Angekis Saber 12x optical zoom camera is an excellent way to upgrade your communication strategy with high-quality video - regardless of your conference environment. In both bright and dark rooms, the Saber 12x offers a fantastic image, which can be controlled with intuitive pan and tilt controls, and remote-control management. 

Q: What are the Video specs?

A: The video format is 1080p for USB and DVI, with a USB 3.0 and DVI-I output. The sensor is a 4k UHD CMOS sensor, and the lens is an f3.9-46 1mm 12xzoom device. 

Q: How sensitive is the remote control system?

A: The dual IR receivers ensure that you can use the remote to adjust your camera settings from a wide variety of angles, for a more seamless conferencing experience. 

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