The Application Scenario of Video Conferencing in Medical Industry


The Application Scenario of Video Conferencing in Medical Industry

With the continuous development of the video conferencing industry, video conferencing systems have now been applied to various industries, especially the current education and medical industries, which have more demand for video conferencing systems. The application scenarios of video conferencing in the medical industry mainly include:

1. Remote teaching of video conferencing 

In traditional medical academic exchanges, experts often need to visit hospitals in different regions to report. It is not only costly and time consuming but there exist problems that many experts are tired of running around and the communication effect is significantly reduced.

Experts convey the latest and most advanced medical information technology to the medical staff of various hospitals through the large room video conferencing systems, increase the scope of teaching, promote the exchanges of medical technology, and plays a positive role in enhancing the level of medical, teaching, research and medical technology of each hospital. Throughout the training process, the trainees not only can clearly hear and see the lecturer, but also can send training materials like ppt, word and excel involved in the training process to various venues to facilitate the trainees to understand the lecture.

2. Remote consultation of video conferencing

As far as current medical resources are concerned, it is also difficult to realize the sharing of high-quality medical resources across the country. Therefore, some economically backward areas are difficult to obtain good diagnosis and treatment. And nowadays, it is also a big problem that people are difficult to see a doctor. Sometimes, you may go to the hospital and you will have to wait a day for registration. Therefore, mobile telemedicine also helps solve the problem of people's difficulty in seeing a doctor.

The application of the video conferencing systems, especially the large room video conferencing systems, to the medical industry has brought great convenience to people and improved the efficiency of communication among doctors, patients, and hospitals.

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