Tips for Selection of Suitable Video Conference Cameras


Tips for Selection of Suitable Video Conference Cameras

In the procurement of video conference system, in addition to purchasing the video conference system itself, users also need to choose the corresponding video capture device. In the field of video conference, video capture device can be a camera or video camera, and the price of video cameras is generally higher than that of cameras, so we will introduce how to choose appropriate video conference cameras when purchasing video conference equipment. The selection of video conference cameras mainly depends on the following aspects: camera lens, acquisition pixel, acquisition resolution ratio, Control Protocol and corresponding interfaces.

1. The lens of video conference cameras

Video conference camera images are captured through the lens, so the quality of video conference cameras will affect the effect of the captured images. High-quality video conference cameras will restore better video images, and poor video conference cameras will cause blurred images even image color cast. Therefore, in the choice of video conference cameras, we need to communicate with sellers carefully to confirm that the video conference camera images are clear and whether there is image color cast.

2. The acquisition pixel of video conference cameras

The acquisition pixel of video conference cameras refers to the pixel value generated when the camera captures an image. Under the same resolution, the larger the pixel is, the higher the sharpness of the image will be. Therefore, when choosing video conferencing cameras, we should purchase the cameras with higher pixel under the same conditions.

3. The acquisition resolution of video conference camera

Video conference cameras are generally divided into SD video cameras, HD video cameras and Full HD video cameras. The acquisition resolution of HD video cameras is generally more than 720P, and that of Full HD video cameras reaches 1080P. The higher the acquisition resolution of video conferencing cameras, the more sophisticated the core components, and therefore the higher the price.

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