Video Conferencing Promotes the New Concept of Green and Fashionable Office


Video Conferencing Promotes the New Concept of Green and Fashionable Office

Now we should feel gratifying when we talk about video conferences, and we should feel gratified when we talk about environmental protection! Indeed, in today's market, video conferencing has become the mainstream of modern office, and environmental protection has become a contemporary theme! And when these two hot words are brought together, will there be something different?

When video conferencing is used in modern offices, it has become a green and environmentally friendly helper! And to many extents, video conferencing and green environmental protection complement each other! So, when we talk about green video conferencing, what are its main aspects?

① Green remote office with video conferencing

Telecommuting provides a basis for employees to work at home. By reducing the time employees spend on transportation, the production efficiency of the company and the morale of the employees have been improved, and at the same time, it has also achieved the effect of saving company operating costs;

② Green distance education with video conferencing

Connecting with remote institutions through video conferencing avoids wasting training facilities, while also increasing learning opportunities for employees and reducing the cost of training. In addition, the recording of training content can be reserved for reuse in the future;

③ Personnel recruitment with video conferencing

For job-seekers in different places, the staff in charge of personnel can conduct preliminary screening through video interviews, instead of having job-seekers go to the company's location for interviews, which reduces costs and carbon emissions at the same time;

④ Real-time collaboration with video conferencing

Through video conferencing with video and multimedia functions, companies can process large amounts of data and communicate and collaborate in real time with colleagues from all over the world. With web video conferencing solutions, production efficiency is improved and there is no need to waste energy on long journeys;

⑤ Global Conference with video conferencing

Whether it is a meeting with the board of directors or with a global working group, through the global meeting business, all participants can have face-to-face communication with other participants only by walking to the meeting room, instead of taking a long-distance flight to gather together for a meeting. And the global conference business has zero carbon emissions!

In short, video conferencing not only brings us the enjoyment of the excellent modern conference mode, but also makes an effort for our green environmental protection! We support green environmental protection and support video conferencing, so why should we refuse video conferencing!

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